Is the life of a top athlete all about sunshine and rainbows? certainly not! The positive result is shown, but how do you get there? Which mountains did I have to climb to get where I am now? What is my inner strength? 


 After a turbulent start of my life (sickness and countless operations) and still under medical supervision and the necessary medication, I managed to become the Best Player in the world. After growing up in Den Helder, I moved in 2010 for the first time in my life, to do it drastically from the start directly on my own, more than 2 hours away from home and home to Arnhem. Arnhem? Yes! to the topsport center Papendal to be able to train at the highest level with the best trainers / coaches of the world at the CTO (Center of Topsport and Education) and to study at the Johan Cruyff University in Amsterdam. 

Core values

​​Slowly I came to understand my own basic or core values. STRENGTH. 

  • Strength to stop attackers. 
  • Strength to bypass defenders. 
  • Strength to continue. 
  • Giving strength to my team. 
  • Receive strength from my team. 

You may think with the latter: "huh? Serious?". Yes, without the team around me and my teammates I would never get this far. Sometimes a simple screen or block is ultimately the most important tactic. Without a pass or assist it is difficult to score. In every situation you can think of, there is an example to draw the same from the sport. That a colleague helps you to meet your deadline or you can submit a research report where necessary figures are found. The possibilities are endless! 

Is your base strong?

Without a basis you will not get anywhere, do you know your core values? The core values ​​of your close colleague or competitor? Are these core values ​​strong enough as a fundament? I want to take you on a journey to deepen your core values ​​and to look at possibilities.