The most important thing is that I ensure that the agreed result is achieved and ensure that your own personnel can continue. This can be an assignment or a joint project. 

Step-by-step plan: 

The plan depends on the organization, project size, project group and support. Projects can be successfully accomplished through "traditional management" or in "self-managing teams". 

After research I work independently or we will organise a team, a team that can be an already existing team or is being put together. Surprising fact: sometimes only a small adjustment is needed to achieve great successes. 

During the project, we set intermediate goals and / or evaluation moments during which the progress is discussed and, if necessary, adjusted. 


I believe in simple, immediately terminable contracts. With cooperation it is important that we have confidence in each other. 

Do you feel that I do not add value to the project? Then you can cancel the contract without further costs. 


After having gone through all the steps, it is no different than that you are interested in my working method. Contact me now to start the process without obligation! Simply by calling me or filling in the contact form below.