How I work:

1) Meeting (free)

We meet and talk about your idea and question. The priority is to see if we have a click. 

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2) Research

After meeting we will see further in the concept fase. This is where I help to research your idea/question/goal. The priority is to make an action plan. 

–> Research

3) Project

Ensuring that the agreed results for the project are being reached, while making sure that the own staff can continue the project independently. 

–> Project

The moment is now!

The perfect moment will never come, the most important thing is that you are taking the first step. Every journey, big or small, starts with 1 single step. Do you want to take the first step with me? 

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After working on my no. 1 passion is my career also important to me. in 2017 I graduated with a BBA in Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. During my study we worked life cases and projects for (local) companies. 

In 2017/2018 I was part of the pilot of TeamNL@Work where 14 (former)athletes and I where able to see in the kitchen of TeamNL partners, how they do their marketing and communication. In this process we got hand on experience and we completed our schooling with writing and presenting a communication advise for NOC*NSF. This was all financially supported by the Ministry of VWS and NOC*NSF. 

During the same time I had a part-time job with Herres-Sekt in Trier, Germany to gain work experience. I was responsible for SEO improvement, social media planning and creating of an infomercial.