Trust the Process

*small disclaimer*

After much demand I will write my blog now in English, enjoy!

The last month have been quite hectic, coming back from a long Japan trip I did what have been on my wishlist: to start my own business! It is still unbelievable that it has become real, it has been 3 weeks and I have been applying for freelancer gigs here and there, hopefully will have an (marketing) assignment soon!

Ofcourse basketball hasn’t stopped. After 2 days at home it was time to go back to Germany, not much time at home but I already missed a few important games while I was in Japan. I was glad that the first game was at home (a.k.a. No travel) so I had a little more time to adjust to the European timezone, and I was happy that we won vs Köln. After 6 days in Europe I finally didn’t wake up at strange early hours, just like normal I woke up around 7.30. It makes such a difference!  The week after we had an deciding away game versus Hamburg, the winner of the game takes 3th place in the league. The higher you rank the better the crossing for the play-off games…. Sadly we lost, after a great start and leading the first half of the game we couldn’t pull through. We ended fourth in the league and are playing Hannover for the play-off quarter finals.

After the Hamburg game I went back to the Netherlands and enjoy some TLC, this means in my case: training (almost) everyday at Papendal, visit a doctor, do an interview, and work on the business. Of course I had some true down-time and enjoy some casual reading, play videogames and take a stroll outside <3  

It is almost the end of the weekend now… all the laundry is done and partly packed to go back to Trier and focus on the play-offs and Cup-games that are coming up.  First a full day of training on Monday with the Orange Angels!

To come back to the title of this blog, everything I do now is to have impact on my future self, trust the process you are in. Even when it looks like a mountain now, once you are on top (or even halfway) the view will be unbelievable! Every step you take on the path of the mountain will bring you closer to your goal.

Believe. Achieve. Succeed.