Finally my decision has been made. After a few weeks where I travelled to my top choice teams, and then weighing the options, I made my decision.

For the season 2019/2020 I am going to play for:

*insert drumrollllll*

Hannover United!

I am looking forward for the new season, to train under a new coach and with mostly new teammates. Super excited to be reunited with fellow Warhawk Vanessa! Luckily I have played the team a lot the last two seasons, so I am quite familiar with their style of play, and I am positive that I fit really well in there. And also important… I look great in Orange ;-)

With my focus for next season I believe this the best team for me to improve my individual style of play and they are giving me the best possibility to alternate training with Hannover and TeamNL.


Check → here ← for Hannovers statement about my signing

Hannover Unitedpng